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The new season is coming!
We're looking for our team!


When we brought Eros Granja back to his home island as our guest chef 2 years ago and let him enrich our menu with "rebellious" interpretations of his Gomerian grandmother's recipes, everyone liked it, the guests, and also the " competitors" who lured him away from us the following season...

This season we would like to offer a "star" a stage or even better an "enthusiast" a chance for self-realization! That's why we're looking for you:


Young chef with experience in team leadership
and working independently under stress

We also need NICE PEOPLE who want to work in service. Here the challenges and expectations are not as high as at the stove.
Experience in gastronomy is of course required, as well as sufficient command of English, Spanish, German and more for the job ... a "NIE" would be nice, but we can also help with the necessary registration.

We pay above average and love a familiar and trusting working atmosphere in which nobody is burdened, and yet sees the glass that is empty in front of the guest and asks about it or gives the information to the partner that there is something there, that is us "more perfect" and our high image for "feel-good evenings" does justice to our friendliness.

Apply? Please here ->

TUYO - El Restaurante

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