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Our menu is presenting typical Canarian dishes in a surprising, fascinatingly atypical way . In an inspiring fusion of Mediterranean and Asian dishes, which in turn get the Canarian touch from TUYO. We're also said to bring very tasty and imaginative desserts on the table, but like everything we say and all the rumours need to be proven or debunked, you for sure should try it yourself.

Our culinary offer is completed by a selection of fine wines , regional beers and of course freshly mixed Cocktails that already have many true fans their own.

Whether you want to eat freshly caught fish or seafood from the Canary Islands, a high-quality steak, a crispy salad or just a "simple" Thai Curry -  you will definitely find something that fills you up and makes you happy. We love to see you leave with a smile. 

We wish you a good appetite, be our guest, enjoy your evening - and yourself.

Daily Specials- Only while stocks last ...



Tuna Sashimi with Wakame Seaweed

and avocado


BEEF FILET CAJUN                 20.50

Raspberry Chipotle Chili Barbecue Sauce, Fried Onions, Spicy Potato Wedges, Vegetable Variation


BEEF FILET CHIMICHURRI             20.50

Chimichurri sauce, roast potatoes, tomato and onion salad



Mushroom truffle sauce, basmati rice, stir-fried vegetables


Grilled salmon fillet in lemon-pepper-butter sauce with mashed potatoes and leeks and zucchini


SEA BREAM AL VINO BLANCO            18.80

Filets in white wine and leek sauce with basmati rice and pea puree


PANNA COTTA           6.80

with strawberries, mild basil and cherry tomatoes

... some of our TUYO classics


Tom Kha

Classic Thai soup with coconut milk / mushrooms / onions / peppers / Thai herbs   €6.90

with chicken or shrimp   €7.90 / €8.90

Queso Feta Griego

Grilled sheep and goat cheese / tomato / onion / pepper / olives / garlic   €7.60

Queso de Cabra

Grilled Gomeran goat cheese / palm honey / port wine onions   €7.90

Croquetas de atún
Croquettes of pickled tuna / beet mayonnaise     9,90 €

Prawns al ajillo

Shrimp / Olive Oil / Garlic / Chili / Paprika / Onion / Sherry   €9.90

Yellow Thai Curry (vegan)

Coconut milk / peppers / cauliflower / potato / onion / coriander / basmati rice   €12.40
optionally with chicken or soyachunks

Green Thai Curry (vegan)

Coconut Milk / Peppers / Green Beans / Onions / Coriander / Eggplant / Mushrooms / Lemongrass / Thai Basil / Basmati Rice  €12.90

optionally with tofu, chicken or shrimp   €13.90 / €15.50

Tikka Masala

Indian curry / tofu / tomato / onion / spinach / yoghurt / basmati rice   €12.90

Panzerotti al Pesto Anchova
Stuffed pastry with spinach and ricotta / anchovy pesto with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, almonds and parmesan cheese     14,50 €

Seitan Gado Gado

Fried seitan / peanut chili tamarind sauce / spinach leaves / basmati rice   €14.50

Prawns Hoisin

Prawns / hoisin sauce / stir-fried vegetables / peanuts / coriander / basmati rice   €15.50

Salmon al Berros
Cajun spiced salmon fillet from the oven / watercress-spinach sauce / fried potato wedges     17,50 €

Medregal al Chef
Fillet of amberjack cooked at low temperature / black olive tapenade / potatoes tossed in herb butter     16,50 €

Atun Teriyaki

Grilled tuna fillet on teriyaki orange ginger sauce with stir-fried vegetables and basmati rice   €17.20

chicken tikka masala

Indian curry / chicken / tomato / onion / spinach leaves / yoghurt / basmati rice   €12.90

Filet de res Indochine

Pan-fried beef fillet strips / ginger / chili / coriander / peanuts / lettuce / cucumber / tomatoes / lime dressing / basmati rice   €17.70

Filet de res Garajonay

Grilled beef fillet steak / walnut-goat's cheese-port wine-mushroom sauce / vegetable variation / potato-celeriac puree   €18.50

... some of our sweet TUYO creations

Mousse au Chocolat

with a subtle note of mint   €6.50

Crema Catalana

Classic Catalan dessert cream with hints of ginger and an orange/caramel crust   €4.50

Yogur Griego

Greek yogurt with walnuts, cinnamon and honey   €5.00


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